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10 ways to give your car exterior a totally new look

Car exterior is very important for any vehicle. After all, if you bought a vehicle only for its technical and power characteristics, there would be no need in designing fancy cars. In practice, however, the way your car looks is highly important as your vehicle exemplifies your own lifestyle. That is why we have come up with a couple of tips for those drivers who feel the need to spruce up the design of their vehicle.

Custom hoods

Your hood can either be a simple lid that covers an engine, or one of the primary things drawing attention to your car. If you want your vehicle to really catch the eye, you might want to customize the hood. Plenty of possible design models are available, and both sports and average cars can greatly benefit from such a change.

Custom Hoods


The same logic applies to bumpers – you can either regard a bumper as means of protection or as another part that gives your vehicle style. If you have a powerful, four-wheel drive JEEP or an SUV, getting an off-road bumper might be an excellent idea.

Fender flares

You won't even notice a fender flare on your car, especially if it matches the style and does its job of protecting your vehicle from mud splatters. Yet, if a fender flare is made of poor quality materials and doesn't feature a distinctive design, it will never look great. And, on the contrary, a stylish fender flare will give you vehicle a totally new look – a look you've probably never thought it could have. As an example, visit our product page on CARiD and see for yourself:

Fender Flares

Billet Grilles

Billet grilles define the 'face' of your car. Replacing a poor quality grille with a stylish one is like giving your car a nose job –the result can make a really huge difference. Surely, any transformations should be done cautiously, as a poor choice can give your vehicle a cheap, unattractive look. Yet, if you choose a grille that matches your vehicle's style, you'll be able to find something awesome and eye-catching.


That's probably the first thing one thinks of when they hear about exterior upgrades. Truly, spoilers' increasing popularity sets the records. Originally, spoilers were designed to increase air friction and, thus, give your car additional speed. However, most of the present-day spoilers installed on luxurious sports cars have a merely decorative purpose. Spoilers look really cool, and we love them. But most of them have no other function but looks.


Chrome trim

Shiny chrome accessories will definitely catch the eye! You can change virtually anything you like – door handles, mirror covers, fenders, pillar posts, tail light covers, window sills, etc. Such shiny accessories look neat and smart, and the best thing is they suit absolutely any vehicle.

Body kits

If one spoiler or fender is not enough for you, do not waste your time and order an entire body kit. Body kits normally include spoilers, side skirts and ground effects, which give your car a totally different look.

Wiper blades

Nothing lasts forever, especially wiper blades that work hard every day. One day or another you will have to replace them anyway, and when you see that the time has come, check out stylish models from such brands as Michelin, Trico, or Rain-X. They will not only last longer than factory counterparts but will also give your vehicle a superior look.

Side mirrors

Just think about it – most originally equipped side mirrors look rather boring. However, there are so many stylish customized options with side lights and other extra-features that not replacing your side mirror is simply unreasonable. The cost of such replacement is affordable and the result usually exceeds all expectations.

Vertical doors

And, finally, if none of the suggested ideas is good enough for you, why not get to some really serious stuff and install stylish vertical doors? The option is available for all vehicles. A sports car will definitely benefit from a change like that. Improving your car exterior requires some time and effort. Yet, at the same time you can change a couple of small parts like mirrors and handles, which is far more affordable and helps you to get a new stylish look for your vehicle.